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In this snehana process, a piece of cloth or cotton is been soaked in a specific medicated warm oil and kept on the head for a period of time. It is the most simplest of snehana procedure and may be performed frequently at home also so as to help doshas to regain its balance and bring calmness to body and mind. 

  Netra Basti or Akshitarpana  
It is a special type of snehana treatment designed for eye problems.  In this therapy, medicated oils or ghee or fluids are put in the well made of black gram (masha) paste in and around the eye. It is helpful in conditions like diminished or blurred vision, redness or burning of eyes, dryness of eyes(loss of lachrymal secretions), watering of eyes and over strain on eyes due to over exposure to computer screen radiation (occupational hazards) and other inflammatory conditions of eye. It also helps to improve the eye sight and strengthen the muscular power of ophthalmic muscles.
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