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The use of Ayurvedic purgatives to clear the lower part of abdomen. This is the primary therapy for Pitta dominant disorders involving bile , blood & skin disorders. This therapy also helps to purify the blood and to cleanse the stomach, small intestines, liver, spleen and colon. It gives good relief in headache, jaundice, constipation, and certain Kapha dominant disorders like asthama, gynecological disorders, abdominal distention, toxicity etc.  Substances like psyllium husk, castor oil, senna leaves, flaxseed, trivrit and triphala are used as purgative.
  Basti Therapy  

Introduction of medicated oils or decoctions through anal way is most promising remedy for Vata predominant disorders. It has a cleansing action on large intestines, colon and nourishing of body. It has a very effective action in orthopedic ailments, joint problems, chronic constipation, metabolic disorders, neuromuscular disorders, gynecological disorders related to menstruation, sexual disorders etc. Charaka has contributed sixty percent of diseases to Vata dosha. Vata’s primary seat of activity in the body is colon, bone and cartilage tissue. Mucus membrane in the colon nourishes the bones, as it is related to the periosteum or outer casing of the bones. Medications used in basti therapy penetrates the intestinal walls and diffuse deeply into the bone tissue, restoring order in bone related conditions such as arthritis, low backache, pelvic inflammatory diseases, neuromuscular disorders etc.
Basti is considered both an eliminating and a nourishing therapy due to its dual action. Niruha basti is the homogenous mixture of medicated decoctions along with honey, salt, oil and medicated herbal pastes introduced in colon to remove excess bodily wastes and vitiated doshas from the colon through anus. It is also called as ‘asthapana basti’. Special type of basti called as ‘Lekhan basti’ are used to dissolve fat in obesity giving lightness to the body and increasing bodily mobility.

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