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Svedana Therapy: Fomentation


It is preparatory procedure for Panchakarma as well as an independent form of treatment. Svedana therapy involves various forms of sudation treatments, which help to relieve bodily stiffness, heaviness, coldness and elimination of toxins. It also eliminates excess doshas and is best suited for vata and kapha doshas. It also regulates the fluid levels in the body along with fat metabolism as sweat is considered to be one of the waste materials produced in this process.

Svedana is excellent for conditions such as arthritis, rheumatism, bodily toxins, heaviness in the body, low digestive fire, low appetite etc. There  are thirteen classic forms of Svedana therapies described in Ayurvedic texts according to specific disease conditions.

Pinda Sveda : Poultice Fomentation


This is a sankara form of Svedana therapy in which a bolus called pinda is prepared from special rice, milk and herbal decoction and wrapped or tied in piece of cloth and is used to firmly massage the affected part of the body. In the procedure, the induced sweat stimulates the body at cellular level thus giving an excellent relief for many illnesses such as paraplegia, arthritis, emaciation, stiffness of joints and muscle wasting. Pinda Sveda is advised in Vata and Kapha disorders since both doshas are innately cold in nature and excessive heat stimulates the fat tissues and releases sweat generating a total euphoria of warmth throughout the body and revitalizing the entire body giving energy and mobility.

In another form of poultice, leaves, herbal powders & barks having medicinal properties are used along with medicated oils for the fomentation purpose. It is called as ‘Patrapottali sweda’ and shows excellent results in kapha dominated joint disorders for relieving pain, stiffness and inflammation of the joint. It gives warmth and lightness to the body.
Like most svedana treatments, oil application – abhyanga is must necessary prior to pinda sveda.
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