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  Stress Management
The most reported trouble that over 60% of the workforce complains of today is stress. With the hectic pace of modern lifestyle, stress has become synonymous with routine, and managing stress effectively so that it does not take away from your efficiency or contentment is a task that has to be mastered. To accomplish this, we need to first comprehend completely what stress is, how it is generated, and how it can be combated. The most common cause of stress is due to the bodily adjustments to an ever changing environment. Although stress can also be positive, negative stress can put you in an angry, pessimistic frame of mind and has to be effectively managed.

Ayurveda often says that doshas in the mana or the mind body condition aggravate stress releasing hormones. Overtly succumbing to stress can cause a variety of ailments like heart diseases, blood pressure irregularities, headaches, insomnia and stroke. Most people today are victims of hypertension. The worst one can do in these circumstances is ignore the warnings that stress related problems give and wave them away as inconsequential.
Ayurveda has in store many natural means of warding off negative stress. Practicing Yoga, meditation and Pranayam are the most effective remedies to keep pace with modern fast paced lifestyle. Ayurvedic consultants may also prescribe certain diets that are beneficial to fight stress related symptoms. Nipping stress in its bud by Ayurvedic techniques is a foolproof way of leading a long, healthy life.

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