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  Skin disorders
Ayurveda is a branch of Indian medicine that dates way back to 1000 B.C. It is with such a strong history and experience that practitioners of Ayurveda advocate its use as one of the most effective means of administering alternative medicine. As far as Ayurvedic perception of skin disorders goes, the books say that excessive glucose content in the human body cause irritation of the top level of epithelium.

The high levels of sugar create a conducive atmosphere on the surface of the skin to make for a breeding ground of bacteria, and this erupts in the various skin diseases that are a common complaint in today’s fast food lifestyle.
But Ayurveda does not just point out the problem. The innumerable herbs and medicinal twigs that constitute the medicines of this branch of parallel healing possess almost miraculous properties that counter the sugar molecules on the skin, and help the body to combat and curb the invisible spreading bacteria. By attacking the cause of skin irritation or infection, Ayurveda helps to eliminate the problem from its source, and that too, very effectively.

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