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    Rakta Moksha or Blood letting
It is the procedure in which impure or vitiated blood is removed from the body either by application of leeches, if the lesion is restricted to small part of the body or by the way of venesection for whole body involvement. It is helpful in blood related disorders like eczema, acne vulgaris, psoriasis, vitiligo etc. it can also be used as pain relieving tool in cases of arthritis, pot spine, inflammation where Vata and Pitta dosha are associated with blood.
  Snehana Therapy  
The word ‘Snehana’ is derived from Sanskrit word ‘Sneha’ means love. Thus the main emphasis of this therapy is on oelating, lubricating and caressing the body, both internally and externally. In this therapy there is an extensive use of medicated oils, ghee, milk to mollify the tissues and encourage the emotions of love and affection in human nature. By external application-Abhyanga or Massage, it provides necessary wetness & softness to the skin giving a fare skin complexion along with improvising flexibility and muscle toning and providing a feeling of lightness to the body. By internal administration, the snehana helps to pacify the vitiated doshas and directs them towards the koshta from where they can be evacuated out of body by appropriate Panchakarma therapy.
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