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In purvakarma, a certain period of time is spent on the necessary preparatory actions. A combination of two main therapies – Snehana and Abhyanga, which involve the thorough internal oelation with medicated ghee and massaging of the entire body with medicated oils, followed by Swedana, the inducing of sweat through fomentation. These treatments cajole and prepare bodily tissues, as well as the mind for the central and main course of elimination therapies. No Panchakarma therapy is possible without the preparatory treatments of Purvakarma.
  Vamana Therapy  
Vamana, also known as emesis therapy, is an ancient therapeutic method for eliminating Kapha accumulated in upper respiratory tract. Thus it helps to release the congestion in lungs giving immediate relief in asthmatic and bronchial attacks. It is also helpful in relieving some Pitta dominant disorders like hyperacidity. Vamana is helpful in Kapha disorders like sinusitis, bronchitis, diabetes, psoriasis, skin disorders and kapha dominant diseases.
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