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It is a snehana process where warm medicated oil is poured into the ears. This treatment is beneficial for mostly vata and pitta problem like earache, headache, neck pain, jaw pain, dryness of ear, loss of hearing, excess earwax, and buzzing sound in ears. It also gives strength to the neck and above body part.

  Kati Basti  
It is also a snehana treatment advised for pelvic inflammatory conditions. In this procedure warm medicated oil is been poured in a well made from black gram (masha) paste on the lower back and kept for a specific period of time. It is beneficial for low backache due to lumbar spondylosis, spondylithosis, low back muscle stiffness, inflammatory conditions, neural compression due to spine problems like disc herniation, slip disc, disc bulge etc. It reduces the pain along with tingling numbness in the lower extremities and pacifies the vitiated vata in the pelvic girdle.
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