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  Gastro-intestinal disorders
If you are suffering from digestive disorders or gastro-intestinal problems, then Ayurveda has the perfect remedy in parallel medicine for you to get rid of the root of all your troubles. With the renowned and well proved Panchakarma therapy that constitutes both ingested medication and external treatment, you will be able to regulate your bodily processes and return them to a condition of normalcy very soon. The medicines prescribed by Ayurvedic doctors comprising of many naturally medicinal plants and herbs help to provide a natural cure, without subjecting your body organs to any harmful side-effects.

But apart from this medicinal treatment, many we also prescribe various home-remedies that form a part of ancient Ayurvedic preachings, and have evolved as extremely effective means of combating gastro-intestinal disorders. Ingredients like rice, ginger and long pepper can be cooked with ghee to formulate a popular gruel recipe, and diarrhea can be cured by adding a dash of pomegranate juice to the gruel. Indigestion owing to excessive consumption of oily food can be combated by mixing gruel wit a glass full of buttermilk, and flatulence can also e cured using similar Ayurvedic home remedies, all with a profoundly scientific base.

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