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    Anuvasana Basti

The second form of basti therapy, uses oils, medicated ghee, honey with nourishing herbs to build up bodily tissues. Generally, all of the anuvasana bastis may be used without any seasonal restrictions by individuals who are emaciated, exhausted, overexerted or experiencing excess Vata, since it is considered nurturing and replenishing or rejuvenating to the body tissue.
Another form of Basti called as ‘Uttar basti’ where medicine is introduced through vagina or penis is helpful in conditions such as menstrual disorders, sexual disorders, infertility, ovarian cysts, PCOD, urinary tract disorders and prostate enlargement.
In female disorders relating to vagina, uterus and cervix, a method of douching with medicated decoctions is used to restore a prolapsed uterus and alleviate vaginitis and certain post partum complications. Thus it helps to restore the healthy status of the female reproductive system.

Nasal Insufflation: It is the procedure in which a medicated oil or herbal powder is introduced into the body through the nasal passage. The selection of oil or powder depends upon the specific dosha to be treated and nature of its disorder. Generally, Nasya therapy benefits all three doshas. Excess doshas that have accumulated in the throat, nose, sinus and head are removed by this therapy. As nose is the direct entrance to the brain and to our cognitive functions, the life force of Prana enters the body through nose. Prana controls the vital cerebral, sensory and motor functions of the body. Thus Nasya therapy stimulates the brain and neurological system giving good relief in conditions such as neuralgia, headache, facial paralysis, spondylosis, coryza, hairfall, graying of hair etc.
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